Costs involved in an export process

Packing materials in the country of export (boxes, waybill forms, duct tape, styrofoam, plastic protection). If you already have an account opened with a Courier company is likely to these materials will be on your warehouse, store, home or office without charge.

Courier service companies use standardized boxes and are able to ship up to 110 pounds per waybill (depending on the country). Freight charges are calculated by volumetric weight (see how to calculate that in the FAQ´s section).

Some countries charge an export duty, a percentage applied to the Proforma Invoice declared amount.

Most of Door-to-Door shipments to the US do not suffer Customs delays and many of them are exempt from payment of import duties, but in many other cases, and depending on the type of article and Customs classification, the Courier company may have to pay import duties and taxes when clearance US Customs.

Export Online will charge a flat rate for each shipment received (in many cases then this charge is partially discounted when the Exporter choose to advertise in websites like EBay or Amazon, or in printed magazines).

The Exporter must pay the monthly costs of storage in the US. A minimum fee is determined by a shelf space (shelf is 72¨x 24¨x 41¨= 41  cubic feet), or a pallet (48¨x 48¨x 48¨= 64¨ cubic feet). Shelves and pallets are not billed partially.

Exporters decide and choose the website or magazine to publish part of all their inventory. Export Online will inform in advance the advertising costs of each publication and the amount will be debited on the Exporter´s account.

Upon reception of goods Export Online will bill the Exporter with Pick & Pack charges (from each item sold and picked up from a shelf or pallet), and other expenditures by order processing.

Export Online will bill the Exporter for the shipment to the final destination (through USPS or UPS) and the Exporter will decide the speed required to ship the order to choose the appropiate freight service.

Export Online will prepare a monthly statement to the Exporter detailing the number of Picks & Packs, processed orders and shipping charges, advertising costs and website comissions, and the net amount will be transferred to the Exporter´s account using PayPal/Skrill or a bank wire.

PayPal/Skrill/Banks charge a comission when sending electronic payments and wire transfers.


It is a service usually known as ¨Door-to Door¨ provided by Courier companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx, IBC) that fall within certain limits, generally with a maximum of 110 pounds and a declared value up to USD5,000 per shipment. The limits vary considerably in each country.


Online tracking information of every Door-to-Door shipment, from the very start of the export process to the final destination of the goods.


Including all transactions, orders received and processed, storage expenses, advertising and delivery charges. The net income will be transferred to the Exporter´s account at the end of each month.